Sep 5 • 1HR 46M

Tyler Cowen: The Dark Side of Talent, Sorting and Institutions

Plus the IDW, Covid, Polio, The Case for Global Wokeness

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Tyler Cowen is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University and writer of the legendary blog Marginal Revolution alongside Alex Tabarrok. We discuss talent, Ontario, immigrants, institutional trust, power attractors, the Intellectual Dark Web, public health, the internet, generation Z, the significance of social change versus technology, upsides of wokeness, populism, imposter syndrome, self-deception, and corporate hiring.

Marginal Revolution

Talent by Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross

From the New World Episode with Zvi Mowshowitz:

From the New World Episode with Robin Hanson:

From the New World
Robin Hanson: How Global Elites Manufactured Stagnation and How We Escape
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