Jan 9 • 3HR 10M

Samuel Hammond: AI Revolution - Visible and Invisible

Plus Mormons, religion, industrial policy, and prisoner's dilemmas

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Samuel Hammond is the director of social policy at the Niskanen center and the author of the Second Best newsletter. We discuss religion, Peter Thiel, artificial intelligence, critical theory, industrial policy, Georgism, resource scarcity, bureaucracy, prisoner’s dilemmas, care work, and Canada.


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Second Best
Before the flood
The Singularity Is Near made a significant impact on me as a kid. Kurzweil catches a lot of flack for the boldness of his predictions and high miss rate, but that doesn’t account for the relative dumbness of his forecasting methodology. He simply extrapolated exponential trends far out of sample and yet still got an awful lot right. So what that he clai…
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Second Best
How to profit off AI
If my last post on AI was a bit of a downer, it wasn’t meant to be. Near-term AI will be disruptive to many industries and organizations, but it will also create enormous social benefits. Institutional disruption may itself be one of AI’s greatest blessings — at least if it’s managed well. As in other cases of creative-destruction, commoditized intellig…
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Samuel on Mormons:

Second Best
Mormon integralism, Part 1
The following is part one in a five part series on learning from the institutional success of the LDS church. Follow the links to find parts two, three, four and five…
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From the New World Episode with Richard Hanania:

From the New World
Richard Hanania Returns: How Status Competition Created the Culture War
Listen now (151 min) | Richard Hanania’s substack A Psychological Theory of the Culture War On DeSantis Reagan and Civil Rights Law His first time on FTNW: Bryan Caplan on FTNW: Michelle Goldberg on Trump and Mental Illness https://slate.com/human-interest/2016/09/trump-induced-anxiety-is-a-real-thing.html…
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