Jul 25 • 3HR 17M

Freddie Deboer: The Nihilism of the Left and the Optimism that Must Replace It

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THE podcast on institutions.
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Freddie Deboer is a writer on substack and a contributor to many publications. He offers a unique perspective, coming from the economic left while seeing through a range of strategic and policy failures. We discuss progressive organizations, doomerism, the politics of recognition, state capacity, patronage systems, civil rights law, housing, monarchy, mental illness, distrust of institutions, and the relationship between the Bernie left and the media.

Freddie on Substack:

Extended bio by Bari Weiss:

Common Sense
Honestly: Does Glorifying Sickness Deter Healing?
In Bari’s view, Freddie deBoer is one of the best writers in the country. It’s not because she always agrees with him. Hardly. Freddie is a self-described Marxist. What she appreciates about him is that he is unflinching about criticizing “his side.” Freddie is one of the most trenchant …
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Ryan Grim on progressive institutions: