Brett Andersen: The Re-Evaluation of All ValuesListen now (136 min) | Nietzsche, Evolutionary Psychology, Complexity, and Moral Orders
Jon Askonas: Politics is Downstream of TechnologyListen now (94 min) | McLuhan, Democracy, and Why Conservatism Can't Conserve
(Classic Episode) Zvi Mowshowitz - How the Worst People in Society Bungled a PandemicÉcoutez maintenant (4 hr) | An Important Rerun Episode About Bureaucratic Sorting, Pandemics, and Political Evolution
Simone Collins: Optimized Dating, Parasocial Relationships, and Societal CollapseListen now (3 hr) | I finally explain what "The Most Beautiful Flowers are the Most Fake" means
Dwarkesh Patel: Desire and InnovationListen now (164 min) | Effective Altruism, Stagnation, Podcasting, and Prodigies
The Coinbase Letter as a Path to Recover Trust
Charles Haywood: Virtualization, Fracture, and RebuildingListen now (163 min) | Why Machiavellians are wrong, belief matters, and collapse is coming
Bonus Episode: Brian Chau on Moment of ZenListen now (106 min) | ChatGPT, Machine Learning, Pluralism, and Regime Politics
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